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June Book Review

Updated: Jun 6

Book of the Month: Fabulous Fractures, Easy One-of-a-Kind Fractured Quilts

by Barbara Esslinger

This book (actually a booklet) is about a process to distort the picture of a quilt to make it look blurry. I know this sounds weird, but the end result is very interesting. My husband says it looks like you forgot to put your glasses on. This fascinated me so I had to buy the book. Stay with me, you’ll see.

Basically this is a strip piecing process but uses three pieces of the same fabric, cut in strips and sown together to create a blurry picture. It sounds strange but is very interesting when you see it. The author compares it to a kaleidoscope. The author has included very basic directions for cutting strips slightly different widths and then sewing them together in order to blur the picture. Her original plan was to make art pieces to hang on the wall but says the

fractured pieces can easily be repeated to sew into a quilt. Basically you start with three pieces of the same part of fabric. Then you cut each one a little differently. The instructions are very clear. You mark them (A1,B1 etc). Each set slightly different so when you sew them together they’re slightly blurred. The end result will amaze you.

Starting with one pattern would be a good way to try it. Good luck.

Your Quilt Librarians,

Maryann Rettino

Martha Blount

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